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Chess Coaches

International Master Dagne Ciuksyte playing at the chess tournament

Dagne Ciuksyte

My Chess Achievements:

  1. I started playing chess at the age of 6 (I believe you can never be too young or too old to learn!).
  2. During my professional chess career, I have achieved the titles of Woman Grandmaster  and  International Master (with one Grandmaster norm) as well as an ELO rating of 2450 at the peak time of my career.
  3. I have played for Lithuania’s and England’s Women National Team at The World Chess Olympiads and the European Team Chess Championships for more than 10 years.
  4. Now, having a family of my own, I’m concentrating on sharing the chess knowledge I gained with my students.
  5. In pre-pandemic years I was a leading coach at Cambridge Girls Chess Initiative:

Dagne Ciuksyte’s chess articles and blog posts:

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My fees are : £40 for a one-off guidance lesson. If you book 5 intensive and enriching sessions in bulk for £175 it will come as £35/an hour!

When it comes to juniors, have a look at our Online Chess Lessons page to see what we offer! My girl can help young chess players to improve to the next level. Or my boy who would not stop talking about chess to another little girl or a boy! Thinking about it, maybe it would be better to go for 30 min – long chess session with him or your child’s head would go spinning from overflow of chess information…Fun guaranteed!





I began chess at a very young age; being around chess since I was born, I started learning chess from when I was first alive.

I have had multiple experiences teaching beginners in our ‘Junior Chess Coaching’ Events and teaching individually, have learned from many strong chess players (mostly IMs), and have been to many tournaments in various places, like my sister. I have also reached high positions in many Junior tournaments; 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

I can teach your child the basic concepts of chess, tactics, strategies and chess notation/vision, and other simple chess skills. Once they have mastered a few of these, I can introduce them to chess variants; a fun way of honing some skills the game offers, or just seeing chess in a different light.

My fees are £17 for a one-hour chess coaching session.

I look forward to teaching your child soon!



I started playing chess when I was four and I am very good at openings and I play on and lichess and chess kid my ratings are lichess 1700 1100 chess kid 1300. And I teach children from 4 to 7 and my fees are £10 for an hour-long chess lesson.