Online Chess Lessons

Online Individual Lessons

 I offer Zoom lessons for students who would like me to help them to improve at chess but live too far for face-to-face lessons. As your personal chess coach, I will help you to develop the skills needed to play competitively and/or improve your chess knowledge in general. Therefore, individual lessons should be preferred by highly competitive and motivated students.

The fee for individual chess lessons with Dagne: £30/an hour if you book 5 intensive and enriching chess sessions in bulk for £150.

One-off chess guidance session by IM/WGM Dagne

Sometimes all you may need is a fresh set of new ideas, a bit of guidance or an overview of your play which is ideal with a one-off guidance lesson! In one of these sessions, I will have a look at your most recent games and will talk over what you need to work on to progress in chess in the most efficient way. Afterwards, you may find that you have a month’s long work to do before you can even start thinking about the next one-off guidance lesson! Highly recommended to adult chess players who have never had any formal chess coaching before. I will look after your chess career even if you consider yourself as a novice at chess!

The fee for one-off guidance session: £35/hour.

Chess Courses/Group Lessons run by IM/WGM Dagne

Beginner chess course for Parents/ Guardians and children ‘Learn Chess with Your Child’:

Where: Online on Zoom. The fee: £90 for the complete 6-weeks course (only £15 per lesson). The size of a group: 8 people i.e. 4 households. When: as soon as I have 4 families on the list! Therefore, express the interest by contacting me on [email protected]

Beginner/Intermediate Chess Course for Adults:

Where: Online on Zoom. The fee: £90 for the complete 6-weeks course (only £15 per lesson). The size of a group: 4 students. When: as soon as I have 4 motivated students on the list.

Registration: by email to Dagne on [email protected]

Check Chess Coaches page here for the list of Chess Coaches/Instructors/Teachers available!!!


Kids’ corner: individual lessons for kids by a junior chess coach/teacher!

If you would like your child to learn chess from scratch, why not to go for a junior chess coach teaching him/her?! Charlotte, Sofia and Daniel are the experienced chess players and coaches who already have the experience working with students. If you are interested, have a look at our Coaches page to find out more.

Chess Variants – Introduction

Once you master the classical chess rules, I can show you so much more! I can introduce you to many chess variants (Crazyhouse, Antichess, Three-Checks, War in Fog chess you name it!) in just one lesson. I promise you hours of fun with your loved ones while keeping everyone’s mind engaged and flexible! Do you know that playing chess variants helps your standard chess level to go up as you will use your problem-solving skill at full. After you explored these new-to-you games, you will never look at chess the same!

Martlesham Junior Chess Club

At this time of our lives (problems caused by Covid-19), our Martlesham Junior Chess Club activity has come to zero. Normally, group tuition pupils automatically would become members of the Martlesham Junior Chess Club. Previously, at the group sessions we used to master the skills required to play competitively in chess tournaments.