Tips for A Chess Player Who Wants to Improve

Today I will share with you a few tips for a chess player who wants to improve at the game.

Just to note, some links in the article are affiliate links.

Videos by GM Matthew Sadler

For a broader understanding of chess I recommend watching Youtube videos by GM Matthew Sadler on Alpha Zero.

You can start with Exactly How to Attack | DeepMind’s AlphaZero vs. Stockfish.

Chess Terms

Chess players use terminology which you can find on Wikipedia

A. Nimzowitsch and Chess Strategy

If you’d like a deeper look into chess strategy, check Aaron Nimzowitsch.

The importance of the centre, central pawns, overprotection, pawn chains, pawn breakthroughs, mysterious rook moves – that’s all have been covered by A. Nimzowitsch in his famous book My System which can be found in my recommended chess books’ shop.

Magnus Carlsen and Chess History

I would like all my students to be able to do what the best chess player in the world Magnus Carlsen can do.

There’s a video on him identifying the games of the past. Good chess players know chess history and use lots ideas they picked up from the players of the past.


I hope you found these tips useful. Browse my website for more!