The Mindset of an Active Chess Player

1) I refuse to retreat if my pieces are under attack! Therefore, I will be looking for an active solution. Either counterattack or advance with my attacked piece and reinforce it there.

2) I don’t improve one of my pieces at the expense of another. That’s not an option to place a piece badly, even if hoping it would be temporary. Your opponent might never give you time to improve it.

3) Also, it is not alright to achieve something on a chessboard at the expense of losing out on something else. For example, in a position with material advantage, I don’t go for trades of the pieces at any cost. I still pay attention to strategic principles and the workability of my pieces.

4) Even if I might be pushed around on the chessboard, I never lose hope to turn the tables around and start pushing my opponent around!

5) I am not afraid of losing because I don’t think about it when playing.

6) I don’t think about my rating when playing because my mind is busy trying to solve problems on the chessboard.

7) I ask for effectiveness and workability from my pieces. Therefore, there’re no lazy pieces in my set-up.

8) I see a chessboard as the battlefield. Therefore, my pieces try to control as many squares as possible. That way, my opponent can’t advance towards me easily as I have guards all over the place.

9) I value Chess Time – my every turn to play. It will be my time to achieve things. I look for the most efficient moves. And my opponent better stays on the same level. Otherwise, I will be miles ahead!

10) Every time it is my move, I fight fiercely and refuse to surrender!

Chess pieces set up on sand.