by Dagne

To note, all the links to website in the following article are affiliate links. website to play and study chess

I have always preferred using website for chess studying and playing. Why have I been using more than any other chess website?

I’ll give you some tips below.

Puzzle Rush Survival Mode Puzzle Rush Survival Mode

First of all, I like Puzzle Rush Survival Mode (The link is here ). It doesn’t have the time limit and why would you need one when practising your calculation skills at chess?

Here puzzles start easy and gradually increase in difficulty. Cover puzzles first before coming back to me for further advice in practising your chess calculation skill!

Rated Chess Puzzles Rated Chess Puzzles

Rated Chess Puzzles can help you to check your progress by gradually growing your rating and the difficulty of the puzzles. My next goal is 3000 which you can check here. What is it going to be yours?

Online Chess Database Online Chess Database

Under Master Games you will find an Online Chess Database with lots and lots of chess games. You can filter the relevant games out and concentrate on improving at the openings or middlegame or familiarize yourself with the play of the Past World Chess Champions.

Chess Variants Chess Variants

I find chess variants on especially fun to play. And I believe playing chess variants are good for flexibility in problem-solving in chess. You can read some of my thoughts about it in the Chessbase article here.

ChessBase article on Chess Variants