Saying Goodbyes to My Leaving Student!

My regular junior student is moving back to his native country.

The other day I spent a couple of hours chatting to his mum and watching him play with my son in a local park.

How different it is from what I see on Zoom chess lessons! If I ask nicely, he may show me his face during the lessons. Otherwise, I should be happy with a bit of his forehead!

Here I see him running and not staying still even for a minute. How on earth does he survive for an hour in my lesson?!

He is a good thinker and, now I know, a good runner! He engages in chess lessons, never mutes himself and puts the video off if I don’t grant his wish as some juniors do. I said my goodbye in person and now I look forward to seeing you on Zoom soon! I hope you enjoy your four-way chess set!