My Ideal Chess Student by Dagne

  1. My ideal chess student works lots on chess in between our chess lessons.
  2. Follows my instructions: I mention puzzle solving regularly and she/he does it lots every day. I mention ideas in different openings and she/he comes back to me with the news about yet another new to her/him opening. Etc., etc., etc…
  3. My ideal chess student has so many questions she/he came across between the lessons!
  4. She/ he listens when I talk. I say one phrase and they respond with a few ideas now they have about the topic! Oh, glory!
  5. Chess is not a fast ride so my ideal chess student enjoys our analytical journey into the depths of that particular position. By searching our play becomes rich!
  6. An hour-long chess session is too short with my ideal chess student! We could have carried on for another one or two… I had one like this yesterday. A biggest ‘Thank You’ from me!