Climate Change Today and No Chess

It’s hard to believe we are allowed to carry on as normal today after the report published yesterday by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), therefore, no chess tips, ideas from me today.

Yesterday we held our own emergency meeting at home with our children to see what else we all could do to help our planet.

We already own an electric car.

Yeap, maybe not the latest model… Therefore, we had to get used to planning differently for longer trips!

We do charge our car regularly fiddling with the cables. And we are so proud we are one of the first people around to go for it! And not to mention a lack of smell of petrol/diesel! Tick!

The compost bin in our back garden. Tick!

Cut on plastic packaging when shopping. Tick!

We do our bit of litter picking. Tick!

As a family would like to contribute more. And we are looking for new ways. Tick!

What about you?