Chess Education 2

1. Anyone who would like a taster of a more serious chess environment than quick games on (Affiliate link), I would recommend tournaments run by the chess arbiter Adam Raoof.  While restrictions are in place, he runs events on Tornelo which gives chess arbiters more control. You could sign up for the free newsletter What you need to look for is Hampstead Congress
2. For a broader understanding of chess I recommend watching Youtube videos by GM Matthew Sadler on Alpha Zero. You can start with “Exactly How to Attack” | DeepMind’s AlphaZero vs. Stockfish.
3. Chess players use terminology which you can find on Wikipedia
4. If you’d like a deeper look into chess strategy, check Aaron Nimzowitch. The importance of the centre, central pawns, overprotection, pawn chains, pawn breakthroughs, mysterious rook moves – that’s all coming from him.
5. I would like all my students to be able to do what Magnus Carlsen can do: to find out, please, check There’s a video on him identifying the games of the past. I did tell you good chess players know chess history, didn’t I?