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Progress at chess by Dagne

A bit sad and happy at the same time… One more of my students is going to work on his own now that he is ready! It was good to work with you, student J!


Goals in chess by Dagne

What we like about chess is that we can set the goals and achieve them. Today is a good day! One of my female chess students had a winning streak of five against her husband and I reached 2900 on puzzles at for the [...]


Tactics 2 by Charlotte

There are different types of tactics in chess. Some examples are:

  • pins
  • skewers
  • forks (otherwise known as double attacks)
  • discovered attacks
  • double checks
  • decoy/deflection
  • en passant
  • exchange sacrifice

These – as said in the previous post about tactics – can be used for many purposes with the ultimate goal of gaining an advantage over your opponent (which will probably [...]


Fast Chess by Daniel

Chess is not meant to be fast so like people play one minute+0 seconds in time is really fast so I think that you should play long games.


My Ideal Chess Student by Dagne

  1. My ideal chess student works lots on chess in between our chess lessons.
  2. Follows my instructions: I mention puzzle solving regularly and she/he does it lots every day. I mention ideas in different openings and she/he comes back to me with the news about yet another new to her/him opening. Etc., [...]

Tactics by Charlotte

Tactics are fast ways to gain the upper hand, if only momentarily. They can win you material, get you closer to checkmating your opponent, or put pressure on a piece. However, that’s only if you know how to use them!


Sovereign Chess by Sofia

We found out about Sovereign Chess recently and have been loving it ever since. Created by Mark Bates, this chess variant is a colourful way to practice chess whilst having fun. You get to have allies and choose colours- there’s even a Sovereign Chess Royale! To find out more, [...]


Online Chess vs Over-the-Board Chess by Dagne

Is it true that online chess encourages us to make a move quicker than when playing over the board?! Is it true that when playing online we tend to choose ‘to do’ rather than ‘to be’ (The definition of these two concepts can be found in Jonathan Rowson’s book ‘Chess [...]


Dagne’s Blog

Chess Olympiad

I will be playing here soon

A rotating puzzle or quadruplexes by Jeff Coakley from puzzling side!
Four puzzles in one!
Add a white pawn to the board so that White (South) has a mate in 1.
Once you solve it, rotate the board 90 degrees [...]